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Web Application Development

I work great as a team lead or member of a web development team. I really enjoy building modules and working with MVC frameworks.

My experience includes:

Web Design

I create simple, fully custom designs. This includes everything from concepts to color schemes, site structure to graphics.

I keep my designs simple to make sure your content remains the focus. I specialize in modular designs with repeatable patterns that maintain consistency throughout.

You can hire me to design:

Development Consulting

Are you a front-end coder or designer? Are you stuck on a problem you just can’t solve, and can’t find the answer online?

For a small fee, I’ll sit down with you on Skype, or in person if you’re in the Oklahoma City area, and help you work through it. All I’ll need is access to what you’re working on, and a good description of what the problem is.

Got a question about how to proceed on a design or how to attack a particular feature you’re building? I can help there, too. Contact me to get started (a phone call is best for this).

No need to worry, I won’t take your ideas or steal your code. I’ll even sign an NDA or other reasonable contract if you like.

Front-end Development

Front-end development is all about how your users interact with your site. I apply modern web technologies to support smooth user interactions.

Take a look around this site to see just a sample of what I can do. You may like to read the description of this site on my Projects page for an idea of what I’ve done here.

Blogs and Other Content Managed Sites

I am experienced with multiple content management platforms, including Joomla, WordPress and Blogger. I can pick up most other platforms quite quickly, even custom systems!

This site is running on WordPress, which is generally my go-to system for most basic sites and blogs. With its easy-to-use interface and incredibly active community, WordPress is a solid choice for blogs and also for many small business applications.